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Welcome to Limited Company!

Limited Company is an online platform that provides information on all kinds of businesses in Australia. We enlighten and advise individuals, corporate bodies, agencies, and others in business administration. This website is proudly managed by experts when it comes to business information. This is to ensure that you can enjoy the best possible information in every area.

Our Information

Our information offering spans the following area:


If you are confused about how to go about registering your business, this website is the right one for you. It includes how to register for ABN; ACN; taxes; trademark etc. Our goal is to ensure that relevant information for a successful registration is easily accessible to you!

Small Business

Under this tab, you will learn about the nitty-gritty of a small business and the requirements for establishing various types of companies. We also explore how you can protect your business and how to close your business.

Running a Company

It involves the management process. We enlighten you on issues relating to the duties of company officeholder. We also explore issues relating to shares and annual statements. This way, you can run your company appropriately.


Choosing marketing strategies at meeting

For the success and growth of a business, a proper marketing strategy is required. It does not matter how good the products and services are; there is always the need to tell the world about your business. Marketing contributes primarily to a successful business. It involves strategies and tactics; organisations use to position products and services in the marketplace and motivate them to purchase.

Discussing business plans


When you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail. Planning is part and parcel of our existence, and we make plans every day towards particular goals. It, however, concerns business planning. A business plan is crucial to any business’s success and is often likened to the foundation upon which a company sat.


Finance is as crucial as the business itself. It is the means of providing funds for the company's successful running and could be likened to a pole on which a business relies. Financing a business involves certain subjects, and we examine them.

Change & Growth

Everyone in business has a huge dream of growing more extensive from the time they started. However, it is often said that "a thousand.

Risk Management

The reward for entrepreneurship is profit and loss from risk-taking. Hence, a more significant part of any business involves risk. This page seeks to explain how to manage this risk effectively.

Exiting a Business

Exiting comprises processes such as the closure of business; change of ownership through sale; bankruptcy and insolvency and succession.

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