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About Us

About Us

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Getting to Know Us

Limited Company is an online platform that provides information on all kinds of businesses in Australia. We enlighten and advise individuals, corporate bodies, agencies, and others in business administration. This website is proudly managed by experts when it comes to business information. This is to ensure that you can enjoy the best possible information in every area.

Our vision is to ensure we become the go-to website for business matters; to enhance the growth of start-up businesses and solve business-related problems in Australia. Our mission is to encourage every business-minded person in Australia to create and follow-up with their business idea. We are in existence to take you on a journey of zero to a hundred in the business arena. We provide information on how to start a business, run a business effectively, and resolve issues arising from the business set-up. We also combine business information across all levels of Government to avoid futile surfing of the net.

We are the best platform for seeking information on business concerning Australia. Our experience over 20 years has proven our expertise and that we are the ultimate key to your research problems. Our website can easily be accessible regardless of whether you are a business owner or not. More so, our choice of words is not complex.

We have the best hands employed on our content creation team. Therefore, our content is simple, easy to comprehend and up to date. We connect well with our readers through feedbacks gotten from mail conversation. We have practical tools in place to enable us to build our network and get in touch with more people. These tools include optimising our search engines; using content and social media policy to decide the appropriate content.

On the website, you will find information on:

Under this tab, you will learn about the nitty-gritty of starting a business and the requirements for establishing various types of companies.

It involves the management process. We enlighten you on the different issues that arise from running a business and provide advice on managing debts.

Our content is not limited to starting or running a business. It also includes the processes involved in closing down a business.

We also discuss expansion and how to successfully upgrade a business either from a one-person trade to partnership or from partnership to company.

If you are confused about how to go about registering your business, this website is the right one for you. It includes how to register for ABN; ACN; taxes; trademark etc. 

The website also contains information on Marketing; planning and how to manage risk. It defines the various aspects of financing.

The above represent only a few of content created for your digestion. We also release recent articles and update new opportunities, workshops, and seminars, among others. 

We are easily accessible and available to answer your questions. Our contact is provided below.

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